Let Us Protect You Against Title Defects


As a lender, a Loan Policy assures you of the validity, priority and enforceability of its lien – serving as protection for your security interest in the property. A Loan Policy is issued in the amount of the loan, and liability decreases as the mortgage debt is reduced.


Financial organizations are acutely concerned when it comes to the security of the funds they lend for real estate investments. With a Loan Policy, you are provided with a high degree of safety against loss of capital from title hazards. www.baymarktitle.com is your number one provider of such service. By identifying risks and eliminating them whenever possible, we encourage lenders to invest in mortgages – rather than in other assets with lower risk.


The Loan Policy that we provide guarantees the lender a valid and enforceable lien, and assure that no claimant other than those noted in the policy has a prior claim against the real estate. The policy assures that the purchaser-borrower has title to the property being pledged as security for the loan. And, the policy obligates us to pay for defending against any claim filed against the title that might supersede the lender’s lien. If unsuccessful, it must also satisfy that claim should it be upheld in court.


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